And we have a winner…I guess

So, I have been in DC for a few months and after a good amount of research (both on the webs and in person) I feel confident that I know the best place for espresso (and more specifically a cappuccino).  If you want something good, go to Perigrine Espresso near eastern market; trust me.  After several samples of both their cappuccino and that of their only real competitor Chinatown Coffee Co. (along with a bunch of other places around the area that simply don’t stack up) it became rather obvious that they are the best around.  However, I have to say that they still don’t match Bradbury’s in Madison, WI; now maybe if they start serving crepes….. (though there is a crepe cart at eastern market, so a start)

Oh and a side note, Eastern market is a pretty sweet place to be; I want to live there.  Now if only I made that sort of money…

And we will miss you Nick Cho!  Seriously.  When you get all those taxes payed please come back and save DC from its (good) coffee drought.  Maybe open something up in Takoma Park too.