Cappuccino Review # 12 – Indie Coffee

Indie Coffee

Sort of easy to miss along Regent street
Sort of easy to miss along Regent street

1225 Regent St.


For an intro about how and why I am trying the cappuccinos of Madison, go here.

Indie Coffee is the only coffee shop near the middle of the University of Wisconsin campus.  So, during the time that I’ve worked in the psychology department at the UW (which is located in that part of campus) I’ve gotten several cappuccinos to go from there.  I remember them as being decent, but I never before tried the in house version of the drink; so, the shop was pretty new to me.  First of all, their food is excellent.  Taryn and I shared two wraps: a turkey walnut one and a vegi wrap with cheese and a whole host of great vegetables.  They were the among the best food I’ve ever had in a coffee shop.  They match up to the crepes at Bradbury’s; they were that good.  So, get some food if you go.

I ordered a dry small cappuccino because the smallest size was a 12oz.  The drink came in a coffee mug with the foam stacked to the top.  So, the drink had more foam than it should have.  There was a little design in the top of it (you can see this in the

The mark in the foam looks zen or something...
The mark in the foam looks zen or something...

picture), so it was a good looking stack of foam.  The drink itself was great.  The foam was pretty smooth and the strength was good, though perhaps a little too far on the wet side.  However, the coffee was quite complex with hints of meat coming through; I could tell that the underlying espresso was quite good.  So, overall, Indie Coffee makes a really good cappuccino.  I just wish that they had a 6oz option like some of the other top rate coffee shops.  Here are the numbers (all scores out of 5):

Presentation: 3

Smoothness: 5

Strength: 3

Complexity: 4

Foam: 4

Correctness: 3

Mean:  3.67 / 5

SD: .82

Taryn had a cup of the house blend coffee and said that it was decent; apparently it was a tad on the acidic side, so you might like it if that is your sort of thing.  So, the cappuccinos and coffee at Indie Coffee are pretty good; but the food is what you should come for!