Cappuccino Review #11 – Electric Earth Cafe

Electric Earth Cafe

Outside seating along W. Washington for Electric Earth Cafe.
Outside seating along W. Washington for Electric Earth Cafe.

546 W. Washington Ave.

For an intro about how and why I am trying the cappuccinos of Madison, go here.

Electric Earth is down West Washington ave. a ways from the capitol, across the street from the greyhound bus depot.  Taryn and I checked it out during a farmer’s market day, when pretty much all of the downtown and state street are overflowing.  It is far enough (away and on a road unfamiliar to tourists) so that it wasn’t busy at all.  There was a small sign saying that they are now under new management (so they don’t take old gift cards), so perhaps the place will be quite different now than a few months ago.  Neither of us had ever been here, so we have no means of comparison; but, keep that in change if you remember the old Electric Earth.

The shop itself is actually quite large.  There is a small amount of seating in the room by the counter area and then a huge separate room.  In the second room there was a small stage with a large window behind (a nice view of the street actually), so perhaps they have live music here at times (though I don’t know if this is true).  So, it seems that the building itself has potential.

I ordered a dry small cappuccino because their smallest size is 12oz.  It came in a coffee mug with a foam top of course bubbles.  Although the foam tasted fine (when

A cappuccino next to some mixed greens.
A cappuccino next to some mixed greens.

doesn’t it?), it wasn’t smooth at all and didn’t add anything.  The coffee itself was actually quite disappointing; it had very little in the way of nuance.  In fact, it had a slight burnt taste; this really started to bother me as I drank.  I didn’t really want to finish it; the cappuccino was honestly that bad…  Ok, I’ll just put up the numbers (all scores out of 5):

Presentation : 2

Smoothness: 2

Strength: 3

Complexity: 2

Foam: 2

Correctness: 3

Mean: 2.33 / 5

SD: .52

Taryn had a Chai latte and she said it was pretty much mostly milk and honey but very soothing; she liked it.  So, if you go to Electric Earth, maybe get the Chai but  don’t bother with the cappuccino.